Gradient Master

Gradient Master is a tool for working with gradient maps in Unity, coming soon to the Unity Asset Store. It allows an artist to easily make gradients to be used for gradient mapping, and pack them into a single texture.  Gradient textures can be authored by artists in the editor, or procedurally in code at runtime.

Gradient Master also comes with a full set of shaders designed to be used with gradient mapping, including:

  • Standard, Metallic and Specular
  • Speed Tree
  • Terrain
  • Particles
  • Legacy (Diffuse, Bumped, Specular)

Each gradient shader is compatible with GPU instancing in Unity 5.4, allowing for extremel amounts of variation with very little performance cost.

The Speed Tree shaders use Unity Terrain's color hue variation to drive gradient mapping for effortless variation on terrain.

Left: Default Unity Speed Tree Color Variation, Right: Color Variation with Gradient Master
Gradient Mapping Can Be Animated On A Single Material For Large Sections
Instance Many Unique Looking Materials With Minimal Overhead