Shell Shock

Shell Shock is a UV remastering tool currently in development that will allow an artist to remaster UV layouts along with their texture sets. With Shell Shock, an artist can make changes to their UV layout without worrying about having to re-bake or re-texture their model.

Shell Shock will also be able to easily combine several models UV sets along with their texture sets.  Unlike traditional atlassing, Shell Shock can re-pack all UVs and textures together, saving texture memory.

I handle all graphics related features for Shell Shock, including my own compute shader based rasterizer, and all UV transformations.  I also am responsible for import/export of models and textures functionality.  I am currently working on  adding subpixel precision to my rasterizer, and implementing shader based edge dilation for padding.


Shell Shock also properly corrects normal maps when rotating UV shells.  it works for both tangent and object-space normal maps.